Tu Va Stables consists of four main all-weather gallops;

A six-furlong oval all weather gallop with incline

A new level three and a half furlong circular gallop situated at the bottom of the main gallop.

A seven and a half furlong dog-leg made up of 2 gallops side by side, one of carpet, and the other sand/fibre both with an incline

extensive grass gallops

Horse Walkers

The horses also benefit from two horse walkers, which are used extensively throughout the year to keep the horses loose and limber

Equine Spa

Coming out of the Equine Spa

Tu Va has installed a Equine Spa to aid with any ailments that occur while training or racing. This has been a tremendous asset to the yard keeping the horses well and healthy. The Spa consists of ice cold water mixed with Epsom salts to assist with the natural healing

Schooling Facilities

We have extensive schooling facilities for the horses ranging from baby hurdles and fences to fully specified racecourse standard hurdles and fences. All the obstacles are built to be very inviting to the horse and to encourage them to jump them well and enthusiastically

Indoor gallop

The Indoor Gallop allows for the warm up of all horses. Throughout the winter we will use this in extreme weather conditions

All Weather Schooling Facilities

We have extensive all weather schooling facilities consisting of:

An all-weather strip with 5 hurdles and 4 fences

A grass strip, which comprises of five hurdles and five fences