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Meet our team

Having a good team is the integral part of a perfect working environment

Testament to that fact are the highly appreciated years that they have dedicated to Tu Va Stables

Nina Carberry

Nina Carberry has been champion amateur in Ireland twice and has been leading lady rider for 9 consecutive years, she is well known for her ability to judge pace and her strength in a finish, her career highlights to date include 4 winners at the Cheltenham festival and winning the Irish Grand National. Nina has been the number one amateur at Tu Va since 2005 and has had up to 300 winners, her partnership with Tu Va has been as successful as the one with her older brother Paul. This year Nina took out her trainers licence after her dad Tommy retired, Nina trained her first winner at Killarney with the JP McManus owned Blaze of Fire. After having that winner Nina decided to put her training career on hold and became Noel's full time racing assistant

Paul Carberry

Paul Carberry has been part of the team at Tu Va partially all his life, even when he was away for 2 seasons in England riding for Sir Robert Ogden. He would fly home most Sundays to ride for the stable. It is probably one of the longest partnerships in modern day racing. The partnership has had a few wobbles here and there but none lasted more than a couple of hours! There has always been great trust between Paul and Noel and both of them have become very good friends and both know they are trying to do the best for the horse and owner. Paul is probably one of the most talented horsemen in modern times, he didn't pick this up off the ground as both his father and grandfather were champion jockeys Noel has always said that Paul can teach a horse more in one schooling session than others would in 10! Paul has had an operation on his shoulder this summer and hopes to be back riding winners at the end of October

Davy Condon

Davy has been riding as second jockey for noel for the last 3 years. It has been a very successful partnership and has been on board a number of very high profile winners. Noel says about Davy "he has been great addition to our team, he has terrific hands and rides very much like Paul. He is exceptionally strong and has a very good sense of pace, his confidence has grown and I have no doubt he is in the top 5 jockeys in Ireland and England

Ben Meade

Ben is Noel's brother and lives in the original house, he now works full time for the stable and is responsible for almost everything; from the gallops, tractors, farming, schooling grounds and also keeping peace between everyone else! He has been known to do almost everything that any man could be asked to do. Noel says about Ben "I just could not get on without him"

Paul Cullen

Paul has been at Tu Va since 1976, he started off as a stable lad having worked part time for the late Pat Taaffe. He has been head man at Tu Va since 1980. He is probably the least known of all the staff as Paul rarely leaves the yard and spends all his time feeding and tending to all the horses needs, Noel describes Paul " as his right hand man and could not envision training without him"

Damian Mcgillick (Les)

Damien or Les as he is known by everyone came to Tu Va 22 yrs ago when he left school.Les is the head of the engine room at gets everyone moving and organised, taking horses to the paddock, the walker, the spa and he does all the clipping. Les knows exactly what everyone and every horse is doing and is never in bad form unless Liverpool get beaten. He keeps everyone update with the all the specific performances of human and horse alike!! He also keeps the Boss up to date with the GAA, happily like the Boss he is a bit of Meath football fan

Riona Taggart

Riona is from Ardglass Co Down and has been at Tu Va since 2002, she has been the travelling head girl and box driver for 6 years. She's also engaged to leading jockey Andrew Lynch. Noel says "Riona has been a revelation since she took over the driving job, she never seems to struggle and I know how tough a job it is, I swear she could drive a truck up O'Connell street and it would not cost her a thought. I have been delighted lately that her morning reply to "How are you" has evolved from "not too bad" to "good form boss" its amazing what a ring will do!

Emma Connelly

Emma is the second driver and travelling girl she has been at Tu Va since 2009. Emma loves her horses and has her favourites in the yard and god help anyone that makes any disparaging remarks about her crew!

Peter Kavanagh

Peter has been in Tu Va since 1994. Before he came to here he worked for Paddy Mullins and was a successful jockey. Riding many big winners including the Ladbroke hurdle and the Galway Plate. Peter has been the senior work rider since his arrival. Noel says "Peter has been a fantastic asset in his assessment of horses, whether it be a young one on their ability or older ones on their fitness. I would always like to have Peter's opinion before we would go to war with any horse.

Mary Taffe

Mary has been at Tu Va since 1981. She runs the office, a native of Mornington Co.Meath. A keen Meath football fan which goes down well with the Boss! Noel says about Mary:"she has been with me so long now and like Paul (Cullen) I don't know how it would feel to work without her. She has a very steady mind and almost without fail comes up the right answers to whatever problems present themselves. Just an invaluable member of the team"